Services Overview

You name it and you got it. That means you get all the modern dental care facilities under one roof as the hospital hosts 5 dental chairs in different cabins, your privacy is maintained properly starting with sterilization which is of main focus and priority, trained assistants, modern equipment, etc.

We have treatment facilities as following:

  1. Oral prophylaxis [scaling and polishing]
  2. Flap surgery with bone grafting [laser and electro cautery assisted]
  3. Crowns and bridges using materials like ceramic, all ceramic[emax],monolith zirconia, lava zirconia, czar zirconia with 15 year warranty
  4. Complete dentures for patients with complete tooth loss with or with out implants
    1. Conventional dentures
    2. Ps dentures [swiss technique]
  5. Wisdom tooth surgeries
  6. Whitening of teeth with bleaching
  7. Depigmentation of gums[changing of gum colour from black to pink]
  8. Smile designing with ceramic veneers, composite veneers/laminates
  9. Tooth jewellery [placing a colour stone on the teeth]
  10. Orthodontic treatments with
    1. metal braces
    2. ceramic braces
    3. ceramic with metal slots
    4. lingual braces[placing the braces inside of the teeth so that they are not visible outside]
    5. invisible braces[Clearpath]
    6. functional appliances
    7. habit breaking appliances for kids with thumb sucking, lip sucking, mouth breathing etc
  11. Removable partial dentures
    1. conventional with metal clasps
    2. flexible dentures
    3. Cast partial.
  12. Treatments for tmj pain and disorders [pain during mouth opening and closure]
  13. Fillings-tooth coloured composite
  14. Implants РSingle and full mouth:  We do implants with life time warranty and replace them if any problem occurs later.