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    Host a robust discussion forum and be a global leader in your dental niche.

    At dentalmainframe.com  ,we host a robust discussion forum for our users to start threads, or post contents etc.

    We invite volunteers to be moderators on our forums in order to oversee the flow of information and other communication activities and at the same time enforce the rules of our forum.

    The moderators (referred to as "mods" in short) are privileged users of the forum who are granted special access privileges to the posts and threads of all members for the purpose of moderating discussions on the forum..... click here

    Be part of the manuscript quality control process at dentalmainframe.com
      The peer review process is one of the most established methods to evaluate the quality of articles/manuscripts, maintain standards and provide credibility.

      This process encourages authors to meet up the accepted standards of their specialties and prevents the dissemination of irrelevant findings, unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations, and personal views.

      At the same time the Peer review process utilizes the independence, and anonymity, to obtain an unbiased evaluation of the article/manuscript

      At dentalmainframe.com ,peer review is not a mandatory but a voluntary validation process..... click here


    Author articles for an exclusive patient information section

    At dentalmainframe.com we have an exclusive patient information section which contains  oral health-related information for the general public .

    All articles submitted for this section are categorized as Plain language articles.

    Unlike the parts of the website geared toward the dental professionals, the Plain language section contains plain language articles  written exclusively for general public by members of the dental community to communicate the intended message in clear ,straightforward fashion in the topics which directly concerns the common dental patient.

    Since Plain language articles target the general public,the articles written in theses sections should take cognizance of the knowledge and reading skills of the intended audience.
    authors writing content for this section should avoid the tendency of using needless scientific terminologies and at the same time present content in a user friendly and interesting manner....click here


    Be part of the manuscript quality control process at dentalmainframe.com
    Proof reading is the process of reviewing the final draft of a the article to ensure that all surface errors have been corrected and the final information is accurate without any errors..

    In the publication domain ,proofreading implies content screening to rule out spelling defects, grammatical errors and punctuation s errors.

    Proof reading is not to be confused with editing, proofreading an article does not involve major changes to text and is strictly concerned with errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar.

    Proofreading is a vitally important part of the overall quality control process at dentalmainframe.com ,we believe that scientific content with Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors can significantly affect the end user’s opinion of the final material . Proof reading in the context of dentalmainframe.com goes beyond just the spellings, grammar and the typos . At dentalmainframe.com proof reading mainly looking out for errors in the dental terminologies ,scientific vocabulary ,misplaced or out of place scientific words. ..click here



    Volunteer to be part of our manuscript translation program
    The most common delimiting factor in the exchange of global information has always been the barrier of language ,at dentalmainframe.com we believe athat global assimilation and dissipation of content can only be achieved by overcoming linguistic limitations. Though English is the global medium of information exchange the world over, not everyone is proficient in the same. As a result very high quality research articles ,manuscripts and content published in other languages is lost to the global community...........click here