MISSION ROUTE-MAPWhen we pride ourselves of being a global platform in dentistry, how do we actually go about doing it.



At dentalmainframe.com we believe in the singular concept that knowledge has no boundaries, so we strongly endorse the concept of  FREE ACCESS.

BY FREE ACCESS we mean a non-subscription based access to our archives , users of our publishing platform need not pay  any registration fees, yearly fees nor do we follow any PAY-PER VIEW models (payment for access is purely on voluntary basis) .

All user submitted content on our platform  is primarily for reference,citations and knowledge transfer purposes but at the same time we do not grant permission for duplication, reuse of our content without the prior approval and acknowledgement of the original author.  

Our state of the art content protection and copy protection protocols are focused on protecting the author’s/contributors rights and their contents.

Our publishing model is partly structured upon the OPEN ACCESS philosophy of publishing, But it differs from the traditional open access philosophy in the fact that we not only publish PEER REVIEWED SCHOLARLY CONTENT  but our authors  have the option of publishing their content as SELF-APPRAISED and SELF-ARCHIVED content.


  • Our publishing concept embraces the philosophy, “knowledge has no boundaries “ and we strongly believe that the pursuit of  knowledge should  be unrestricted by geographic , linguistic or monetary boundaries.
  • The core philosophy of our platform is the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Exchange of knowledge leads to new insights and understanding which brings the benefit of collective wisdom to ones personal knowledge
  • We recognize that access to quality articles, contents and manuscripts is vital for the progression of the dental community .
  • FREE ACCESS helps end users by opening up access to articles and manuscripts which  otherwise would be accessible only through hefty subscriptions
  • Also  FREE ACCESS fosters transparency in the flow of scientific and creative ideas which is the pathway  to advancing knowledge. 
  • Many scholars and authors worldwide  now believe in the  FREE ACCESS publishing model for distributing and sharing knowledge worldwide.
  • One of the great beneficiaries of this FREE ACCESS philosophy will be users in developing countries where currently users find it difficult to pay for subscriptions required to access the subscription based journals .
  • The USP (unique selling proposition) OF DENTALMAINFRAME.COM is the fact that one single registration by a member/user facilitates him/her to access content  from all the different  specialties of dentistry irrespective of his academic specialty or status.








At dentalmainframe.com, free access to our archives is only  part of our duty to the dental community. Ensuring quality content within our archives allows the broader community not only to access the latest content, but trust that it is factual, original and of the highest ethical standard.

At dentalmainframe.com we have a unique indexing and categorization model for all our text based submissions which we refer to as DUAL IDENTIFICATION ATTRIBUTE or D.I.A.

Each submitted text article is identified by 2 attributes ,the ARTICLE TYPE and the SUBMISSION CATEGORY


While submitting article on our site ,authors have to mention both the article type and the submission category.

Our dual identification protocol makes it easier for authors to upload content and at the same time it provides the end user with greater search filtering options for articles on our platform.



  • To explain the context of peer review,   The peer review process is the evaluation of any article/manuscript by other qualified personnel  within the relevant specialty
  • The Peer review process is used extensively in a variety of professional fields, including academic and scientific research, medicine, law, accounting and computer software development.
  • The peer review process is one of the most established methods to evaluate the quality of articles/manuscripts, maintain standards and provide credibility.
  • This process encourages authors to meet up the accepted standards of their specialties and prevents the dissemination of irrelevant findings, unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations, and personal views.
  • At the same time the Peer review process utilizes the independence, and anonymity, to obtain an unbiased evaluation of the article/manuscript.
  • At dentalmainframe.com we request our authors to self finance the peer review process by paying a nominal amount of USD towards the peer review so that the reviewer is compensated for his/her professional time spent on the review process.
  • All payments can be made through a credit card via the paypal site….you can do so by clicking here.



  • Commonly known as the Green Open Access protocol.
  • Self-archiving  articles are those where-in the author/researcher previously publishes the article/content in  any journal of international repute and  self-archives a version of the article for free public use on our website.
  • Essentially, what is archived is the peer-reviewed post-print – either the author's refereed, revised final draft or the publisher's version of record
  • So all the details of the article’s original journal of publication ,or the origin of that particular research work is documented in detail along with the archive for easy  reference.
  • Since the article has already been peer-reviewed and published by another journal of repute, the article need not go through the peer-review process once again at our end.



  • Self appraised articles are those, where in the author himself regulates the content, quality and credibility of the article/manuscript.
  • Simply put ,its self-regulation on the part of the author.
  • On our part we do advise the authors/publishers to follow the relevant guidelines set for formatting the articles, we trust the discretion of the author based on the content he/she is publishing to make the article/content readable and interesting for other users.
  • This section  contains articles on a wide range of topics and contexts  within the field of dentistry. Topics can be as mundane as personal experience with a clinical case to topics discussed for a institute level presentation.
  • to quote an example, suppose a student collects information on a particular topic, for a college level presentation or seminar, has it reviewed by his/her academic staff and presented at his institute ,the same can be published on our site as a self-appraised article under the category Institutional (for all different categories read below) will all the relevant details, this helps other students working on similar topics to garner information faster at same time open up a communication channel directly through mails with the original author for further details on the topic.
  • Same holds good for any clinician facing difficulties with any personal patient case, he/she can can post  his/her query for discussion with his peers globally.









At dentalmainframe.com, we promote the concept of FREE ACCESS but at the same time we do not endorse the concept of OPEN CONTENT.

What does the concept of FREE ACCESS and OPEN CONTENT mean at dentalmainframe.com?

  • FREE ACCESS means a non-subscription based access to our archives , users need not pay any registration fees, yearly fees nor any PAY-PER VIEW subscriptions models are followed.
  • On the other hand OPEN CONTENT embodies all the privileges of free access and it additionally gives the right to the user to modify the work in this case article /manuscript and reproduced as his/her own

At dentalmainframe.com we DO NOT endorse or support the OPEN CONTENT protocol in any form.

At dentalmainframe.com we understand that all the content submitted by you is your intellectual property whose proprietary you hold .  So we are very committed to protecting your rights and intellectual content

The users of our site cannot reuse, revise, remix and redistribute any content uploaded by other users as his/her own.

All user submitted content on our platform is primarily for reference, citations  and knowledge transfer purposes only.

content protection


To know more about how we offer protection to our authors and their  proprietary content….CLICK HERE




  • The most common delimiting factor in the exchange of global information has always been the barrier of  language.
  • Though English is the global medium of information exchange the world over, not everyone is proficient in the same.
  • As  a result very high quality  research articles ,manuscripts and content published in other languages is lost to the global community
  • At dentalmainframe.com we aspire to step aside this problem by a unique system of translating articles ,manuscripts and content   by our voluntary panel of translators who will translate the content from other languages to the common language, in this case English.
  • The same holds good vice versa i:e for articles published in English, our panel will translate then into the respective languages.
  • By translating, the reach and accessibility of the content is increased there by augmenting its dissemination on a global platform.