• What is dentalmainframe.com?

    Dentalmainframe.com is DIRECT TO PUBLISH (D2P) platform and an ASSISTED CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM structured exclusively for the global dental community.

    As a DIRECT TO PUBLISH (D2P) platform, our publishing model sans any paper based publications and is solely a online publishing platform.

    D 2 P

    At dentalmainframe.com we have a open door policy for content submission by our users,be it a academician ,researcher ,clinician or a dental student ,anyone can submit articles and content on our site.

      All user submitted articles undergo strict scrutiny by our panel of experts to check whether they adhere to the publishing DIRECTIVES ,GUIDELINES set by our publishing platform.

  • How does dentalmainframe.com help the dental fraternity?

    For a user from the dental fraternity ,the site performs many unique and distinct roles...

      -Online Publishing medium of articles in dentistry(direct to publish or D2P PLATFORM)
      -A global repository of submitted content
      -Medium for presentation of articles and content .
      -A forum for users
      -A blog for authors
      -Medium of exchange of ideas,experiences
      -Medium of learning from peers worldwide
      -Progressive knowledge center
      -Medium to seek help and opinions from peers worldwide regarding clinical situations.
      -Promote social collaboration between individuals and between institutes on a global scale
      -Valuable tool for academicians to impart knowledge to a global classroom
      -For researchers as a medium to identify experts within their similar domain of expertise and start a collaboration.


  • How does dentalmainframe.com, help the individual section of the dental community?

    The site serves each section of the dental community in differnt and unique ways.

    -Problem solving through communication with global specialists worldwide.
    -platform to showcase new dental procedures ,
    -share and discuss minor adaptations of regular procedures
    -elicit a global discussion regarding unique clinical cases
    -update latest clinical management procedures
    -share new promotion strategies.

    -exposure to latest research methodologies,
    -discussion with a global peer network
    -easy access to latest research content

    -Communication medium for academicians, authors and scientific dental community
    -scientific dental repository

    -Provide a platform for young dental professionals to gain exposure
    participate in activities on a global platform,
    -aim to enhance their outlook towards the subject through a global exposure
    -Update themselves about recent developments in the field of dentistry. The multidisciplinary nature of content helps all students undergoing dental training

  • What is it unique about dentalmainframe.com?

    The unique feature of dentalmainframe.com is

    -anyone from the dental community can post articles ,content ,presentations ,research material, thoughts and a whole lot more on the site..

    -neither the user nor the publisher need to pay for accessing the site

    -anyone can post content on the site, irrespective of his/her speciality or academic status,be it a clicinician, researcher, academician ,or a student.

    -provides an exclusive platform for users to upload and share videos regarding clinical cases,seminars,workshops etc

  • How does the site support the publication of content by the various sections of the dental community?

    At dentalmainframe.com, free access to our archives is only  part of our duty to the dental community. Ensuring quality content within our archives allows the broader community not only to access the latest content, but trust that it is factual, original and of the highest ethical standard.

    At dentalmainframe.com we have a unique indexing and categorization model for all our text based submissions which we refer to as DUAL IDENTIFICATION ATTRIBUTE or D.I.A.

    Each submitted text article is identified by 2 attributes ,the ARTICLE TYPE and the SUBMISSION CATEGORY.

    While submitting article on our site ,authors have to mention both the article type and the submission category.

    Our dual identification protocol makes it easier for authors to upload content and at the same time it provides the end user with greater search filtering options for articles on our platform.